Dash, is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company that was established in 1980. We specialize in manufacturing innovative, stimulating and attractive toys for children. In the last three decades, Dash has consolidated its position as a leader in the market by providing an extensive range of products that are known for their superior quality. All our toys are non-toxic, made from high grade raw material sourced from the most reputed suppliers in the industry and are totally safe.

The organisation operates through a wide dealership network in India, and we take great pride in timely deliveries to our clients. The company's strength lies in the utmost care paid to making toys that are safe, investing in design as well as packaging, and trust worthy service provided to the end user. It is our endeavor that we win the hearts of kids along with their families by offering them only the best in quality, variety and price.

Toys play an instrumental role in the mental and physical development of a child. They are handled and played with by young ones almost everyday, hence the need for them to be durable and entirely toxin free. Children can be exposed to harmful chemicals when they put playthings in their mouth, or even by just inhaling the air around toxic toys. This can have a detrimental effect on their development. All toys produced by Dash are made from virgin plastic, are non-toxic, sturdy - so as to ensure that children have fun, learn and remain safe.

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