Founder's MESSAGE

"Vision is a force that pushes you forward and helps you achieve your goals. Without vision, you go nowhere"

I believe that is more important to build a strong company than a big company, and our management culture therefore reflects this ideology. Professional and timely delivery, pricing, quality, design - have helped secure a name for ourselves in a highly competitive market.

Perseverance coupled with dedication is the driving force of our company. It is my belief, that for us to grow, it is imperative that the customer's needs be prioritized and harmonized with that of the market. We constantly aspire to invent, improve, reinterpret our processes and products in an effort to bring nothing but the best to our clients.

As a dynamic organisation, we shall continue to push for growth along with profit, without diluting the core principles we stand for. Hard work, innovation and attention to detail have been and will remain key in the way we conduct our business. I hope just as in the past, in the future too our products will be a source of happiness and satisfaction for the end user.

Ravinder Kachru
(Baby Rides Manufacturing Association)

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